Advantage Building & Facility Services



At Advantage, green is our favorite color!  We provide a variety of sustainable initiatives to our clients which we wholeheartedly support and recommend.

Efforts to save energy and our planet range from the immediate, simple solution to extremely sophisticated technology that begins with a plan for a new building and/or an overhaul of an existing structure. Let Advantage help guide you in the best direction.

Following is a fundamental reminder list:

  • Photo cells for exterior lights.
  • Recycling of all trash and all defunct materials.
  • Powering down HVAC units within vacancies.
  • Time controls for lighting.
  • Water saver plumbing fixtures.
  • Retrofitting lights.
  • Tighten up the building with weather stripping and doors that fully close.
  • Power down or off when possible.

Let Advantage partner with you as you move toward greener undertakings.

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